11 YEARS | 11 UNIQUES | 1111 Euro

– finished –

Your qrazy’11 Bright Box comes with unique happy-vanlife-design and iconic nudges. Fresh, funky, mindful.

Rare weekend getaway for two? Job, kids and even the mansplainer in the caravan over there – nothing can stress you out now. Giggling senselessly, you jump into the lake and mentally cancel your evening yoga. Now is your chance: light a candle, put some soul food on the table and finally kiss again. Smart Bright-Box-Move!


Box Model BusBox-2 with telescopic pull-out | Fits into these vehicles: Model List

Benefit 2349.- € | list price 3140,- € + extra 320,- € | qrazy’11 price 1111.- €

Extra | Utoka 20 coolbox www.utoka.co.uk

Design | Wrap & Cushion by knallgelb kwww.knall-gelb.de


Totally thrilled?

Show our facebook community that this QUQUQ-unique for only 1111 Euro simply has to be yours. Right here.

BRIGHT BOX | Start 08.07.22 12:00 Uhr | End 15.07.22 12:00 Uhr


Apply now. This is how it works:

1. discover box

Save the dates: from 08.07. to 16.09.22 we will publish every Friday at 12:00 here on qrazy11.info as well as our facebook and Instagram pages a new box unique. You are flashed? Then don't waste any time and grab it! The following steps will tell you how.

2. be creative

Crochet a themed swimsuit to go with the box of your choice. Dance to the QUQUQ song in the appropriate outfit. Stage a Playmobil drama to match. Or write an original declaration of love for the coveted box. Whatever – the main thing is that it’s homemade! *


3. upload post

facebook: Share your post in a common photo or video format on the QUQUQ Facebook page. Do this as a comment directly under the box of the week. – Give yourself a Like and then animate your Facebook friends!
Instagram: Post your post or reel on Instagram. This must be tagged with two hashtags: #qrazy11 and the hashtag for that week’s box, so for example #02bbqbox – Give yourself a like, tag @ququq and then animate your followers!

For one week, until the following Friday at 12:00, everyone can vote for you.

4. have luck

After the end of the voting week, the QUQUQ jury will select 3 original entries from each of the two platforms. Of course we also pay attention to the resonance of the community.

These entries will then be put into the lottery drum, from which the winning entry will be drawn and the creator gets the unique box for 1111,- € (incl. 19% VAT in Germany). Either directly in our Wuppertal production or EU-wide plus shipping costs as a package.


*Procedure and conditions of participation // Contributions with xenophobic, insulting, lewd, political or extreme or hurtful content of any other kind will be deleted. QUQUQ GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to evaluate and remove such content. // The competition is organised by QUQUQ GmbH & Co. KG. // The competition starts on Friday 08.07.2022 and ends on Friday 23.09.2022 // Participants declare that they are in full possession of the copyrights of the uploaded content and that they do not infringe any copyrights or other rights of third parties // By participating in the competition, participants agree that we may inform you by e-mail if they have won. // In the event of important reasons, there is the possibility to terminate the competition extraordinarily. // Any personal data collected will be used exclusively for the organisational purposes of the competition. // The participants agree that the uploaded contents may be used by QUQUQ GmbH & Co. KG on the Internet, on social media channels, in print and in any other form. The contributions remain the property of the authors in accordance with copyright law // Legal recourse is excluded. // The Facebook disclaimer applies. Facebook is not associated with the competition in any way and is not available as a contact for the competition. // Instagram is not associated with the competition in any way and is not available as a contact for the competition. //


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